The objective of the URBIOFIN project is to demonstrate the techno-economic and environmental feasibility of a biorefinery capable of converting 10 tonnes of organic urban waste per day, to valorize and convert them into bioproducts:


For that, the project will assess the production, collection and management of urban waste in the Europe of the 28. This will be the starting point to estimate how urban bio-waste could be diverted to local management systems based on biorefineries.

Likewise, URBIOFIN will exploit organic urban waste as a raw material according to its nature and composition. To this end, it will define the industrial requirements necessary for the transformation of waste into new bioproducts and the interconnection between them in order to achieve synergies that lead to a versatile and efficient biorefinery.

The project will validate the entire value chain at a demonstration scale, including the involvement of waste management authorities as well as the validation of products selected by end users. The project is fully aligned with the Bioeconomy Strategy of the European Union moving from a fossil-based economy towards a Bioeconomy.

Value-chain for MSW as a renewable substrate and project position in bioeconomy



The URBIOFIN project will provide support in reaching the sustainable development goals 11 and 12 of the UN:


The targeted bio-based products and application areas in the URBIOFIN Biorefinery are: