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URBIOFIN at a private webinar from ACR+

Project coordinator Caterina Coll Lozano from IMECAL will present the URBIOFIN project at the private webinar “Working for a circular bioeconomy at local and regional level“ from the ACR+ (Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management) on 26 June 2018. More information and registration link to the webinar here.

This webinar will provide ACR+ members with knowledge and practical experiences on bio-waste management in the framework of a circular bioeconomy. Several strategies can be applied by cities and regions to turn bio-waste into a resource: from proximity/home composting and centralised/decentralised anaerobic digestion to the development of new fertilisers and bio-based products in bio-refineries. The range of opportunities is huge and it is essential that local and regional authorities are provided with more knowledge about the current framework and trends, as well as challenges and potential benefits.